How To Build An Advanced RSS Design For Your Site

Are you publishing a business blog and are you confident that you are attracting as many people as possible to check out your content online and also subscribe to your blog?

This video shares 3 quick advanced RSS tips to ensure that you leverage your business blog including:

– where to position your RSS feed on your blog

– the importance of adding an email subscription option to access your RSS feed (the tool referenced is Feedburner for both tracking subscribers to your business blog and creating an email subscription link to add to your business blog). This is what your email subscription option will look like.

– using the plug in to your business blog with an effective call to action that will be viewed in your RSS feed and provides a link back to your article.

And don’t forget to subscribe to your own RSS feed gor your blog so you can see your RSS feed as your subscribers will view it and therefore you will know if there are problems with your RSS feed so you can correct it.

Norw – the other WordPress plugin mentioned in the video is WordPress SEO by Yoast (check out the webinar or download the audio podcast of the Google Instant event that he joine me on last September).

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By Krishna De

Krishna De is an award winning brand engagement strategist and author. She guides executives in how to create high performing businesses with a focus on building compelling and engaging corporate brands, employer brands and the personal brand of leaders using traditional and social media platforms. You can access her articles and podcasts at 'Biz Growth News' and subscribe to her ezine 'Biz Growth Express' for exclusive articles, free masterclasses and resources about branding, marketing and social media.

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