Holiday Wallpaper

I know it may seem a bit early but compared to retail shops I am a few months late. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday I decided to make a tutorial for a Holiday Wallpaper

First Open a new Document the size of your Monitor Resolution. I did 1024 x 768 but any size will do. You will need Asset.png for this tutorial.

Double click on the Background layer and change it to layer0. Then open the Blending Option and select Gradient Overlay. Make the Gradient foreground (#B40909) and the Background (#520000).

Next make a new Layer and select the Eliptical Marquee Tool. Make a selection holding the SHIFT Key 455 pixels wide. Fill it with (#c4c19b). Then open the blending options select the Inner Shadow. Set the Blend Mode to Multiply, the color to (#FFFFE5), the angle to -54, the distance to 30, and the size to 40. Finally set the fill to 10%.

Now that we have the base of our floating snow globe we are going to start building the inner section. So open the Asset.png file and move it into the wallpaper. Make sure the base of the asset is near the lower right side of the globe.

Duplicate that layer (CTRL+J). Now CRTL+Click the Globe base layer. Then go to Filter > Distort > Spherize Set the amount to 100%. Next flip the distorted tree vertically then horizontally. Finally Set the fill to 10%.

Now we are going to start building the upper layer of the globe. Make a new layer and gain CTRL+Click the First globe layer. Next set your Foreground to (#D4D3B9) and you background to (#65645F). Now selec your Gradient tool and draw from the center of the Globe to 30 pixels away from the edge.

Now select the Blending option and select Inner Shadow, Set the Blend Mode to Overlay, Opacity to 27%, the Angle 110, delect Use Globe Light, set the distance to 20, and the size to 40.

Next select Inner Glow under the Blending Options. Set the mode to normal, Opacity to 10%, Black as the color, set the choke to 45%, and the size to 50%.

Now change the layer fill to 10%.

Now that we have the base and upper parts ot the globe we need to add some reflections. Make a New Layer and CTRL+Click the globe layer. Then select your eliptical Marquee tool once again only this time hold ALT while you drag over the current selection. Leave about a 30 pixel thick crescent on the bottom right of the globe. Fill that section with (#5B5B5C). Hit CTRL+D to deselect the section. Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and give it a radius of 4.0 pixel blur. Then set the layer to Color Dodge and the Opacity to 42%.

Make a new layer and select a brush with a Diameter of 35 pixel and 0% hardness. Add a small crescent at the bottom of the globe like below.

Now set the layer to Overlay with a 10% Opacity.

Now make a new layer and select your Elipitical Marquee Tool again and make an oval on the top center of the globe. Then Grab your Gradient Tool, set the foreground and background to Black and White. Draw the Gradient from the top of the selection to the middle. Then add a Gaussian Blur of 4.0 pixels. Finally set the layer to Screen.

Now that we have the globe made we need to move to some more decorative pieces. Grab your pen tool and make a sweeping arch like below

The Select your Brush tool and set the diameter to 13 and the hardness to zero. Next right click on the path and stroke the path using the brush. Make sure to select Simulate Pessure.

Now select Blending Options and ad an Outer Glow. Set the Outer Glow Blend Mode to Color Dodge, Opacity 75%, Color (#D6EAD3), and set the size to 16.

Then Select the Inner Glow, Set the Inner Glow mode to Normal, 75% Opacity, Color to (#3E93A8), and set the size to 5.

Duplicate that layer and turn off all the Blending option on the new layer. Then add a Gaussian Blur of 6.0 pixels to that layer.

Make a new layer and Select your Brush and add some spots around the Arch. You a varying size of 3 – 6 pixels. Had the Same Outer glow to the spots as you did to the Arch. Once you have what you like set the layer to 50% fill.

Again duplicate that layer and turn of the blending option. Then add a Gaussian Blur of 6.0 pixels to that layer.

Select all the layers that make the Arch and duplicate them then merge the copies into one layer. Next CTRL+Click on the first orb layer to make a selection. Now add a filter to the copy arch Layer. Go to Filter > Distort > Spherize at 100%. Now with still using the same orb selection cut the Distorted arch into a new layer and delete the old one. Now go through all the original arch layer and hit the delete key. This way only the distord arch is visible in the globe.

Now that you have the distorted arch move the layer to below the christmas tree. Now we need to add a now mound to the globe. Make a new layer above the distorted arch. Select your pen tool and Draw a mound. It’s fine to go out side the orb for this one. Once you have the out line you like. CTRL+Click the WorkPath under the Paths tab in the Layer Palette. Then go back to your layer tabe and fill it with white. Finally make a selection of the orb and cout the snow mound out from the excess. Delete the old layer.

Now open the Blending Option and select Inner Shadow. Set the mode to multiply, the opacity to 39%, the distance to 6, and the size to 106.

Then select the Inner Glow option. Set mode to normal, Opacity to 75%, the color to (#BEEAFF), the choke to 20, and the size to 40.

Finally select your Text Tool set the font to (Edwardian Script ITC) and the size to 72 pixels and Color to White. Place the text wherever you like in the wallpaper and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial.

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