Holiday Design Inspiration: Create a Twitter Snow Globe Icon

In this holiday inspired tutorial I will show you how to create a cool little Twitter snow globe icon to use on your site or project during the holiday season.

Instead of using the letter “T” for Twitter as most people would do, a friend recommended I try using the “Twitter Bird” in this project and make it look kind of frozen and snow covered. I went one step further and decided to add a santa hat as well.

First download a picture of the “twitter bird”. Do a search on your favorite search engine for “twitter bird” and you will find one. Here is the one I used.

Now create a new document in photoshop with the size 400X400px. In a new layer fill it with a mid/dark blue. I used #014980.

Make another new layer and using your rounded ellipse tool create a black circle on the canvas.

Now its time to add some blending options to the circle

Gradient Overlay

In the gradient overlay settings click on the gradient to bring up the gradient editor window and make sure to move your color sliders like this:

Then add inner glow:

Now the circle should look similar to this:

Next we will add other details to the globe to make it look like it has some reflections on it.

First, in a new layer above what you have done already create a circle like this

Add a layer mask to the layer by going to layer>>layer mask>>reveal all on your photoshop menu.

After adding the layer mask to the layer get your gradient tool and drag from bottom to the top of the circle to fade it out

Retry it a few times by hitting ctrl+alt+z to undo.

Once you get what you want take the fill of the layer down to about 52%.

Now I will just add one more little reflection piece. So I used the pen tool to draw this shape out and fill it with white:

Then use the layer mask and gradient tool to fade it out.

Time to add the “tweet” bird.

Just use your magic wand tool to cut out the “tweet” bird and paste it in the canvas.

I also cut off the bird shadow and pasted it in separately.

Add an inner glow to the “tweet” bird

Create a new layer above that to add some frosty snow onto the bird. Use a brush anywhere between number 27 and 46. I am not talking about the size, I am talking
about a default brush in photoshop. Here is a screenshot of the brushes window

Now with the color white go around and add the frost to the bird.

Next I want to add some icecicles hanging off of the bird so I zoomed in around 500% and used my pen tool to create this shape:

Make it a selection and fill it with the color white. I got this from doing that:

After that I duplicated that layer a few times to add more

The final touch for the “tweet” bird is to add a santa hat. I found an image and cut it out with the magic wand tool and put it in my canvas.

After putting that in my canvas I used the cutout filter on it and adjusted its levels to brighten it up.

Next I will add snow on the ground in the globe. For this I created this shape with my pen tool yet again, made it a selection, filled it with white and cut it out to fit into the globe.

Then I added this gradient overlay to it

Next add one more spot of snow by using the pen tool to create the shape.

Time to add the snow falling in the globe. To do this just create a new layer and use small brushes of different sizes and put dots all over.

I think the snow globe part of this looks pretty good so I will move on to the
base of the snow globe.

First create a new layer underneath all of the layers so far and make a black circle using your ellipse shape tool.

Then create another one in a new layer with a mid gray color just so you can see what you are doing.

Add a color overlay of black to it and it should look like this

Now to make the base look good pick a 3px brush and in your brush settings make sure it is set on pen pressure

Get your pen tool yet again and in a new layer create a curved line like this:

Right click on the path and choose “stroke path”

You should get something like this

Duplicate that one time and move it up. Then I added a few highlight to it with the same pen tool and masking methods.

Finally I will add a glow coming out from behind the globe. All I did for this step is use the ellipse shape tool to make a white circle behind it and add gaussian blur to it.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial!

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