HD Star Trek Wallpaper

For those of you who have not seen the new Star Trek movie all I can say is… Why not? The movie is amazing. So I decided since I just ordered a new HD Monitor for home I would make and HD Wallpaper. And what better way to geek out then with a Star Trek Wallpaper

First you will need to do a search for a pretty large enterprise image or you can click the link to the one I used here. You will also need a nice image of earth.

Now that you have those images first things first. Using your pen tool seperate the enterprise from her background and the same with the earth. Make sure that with the earth selection oyu also include the ozone layer.

Next, open a new document with dimension of 1920×1080. Double click the background layer to make it Layer 0. Then add a gradient overlay. Make the starting color #000000, and the ending color #212121 hit ok.

Next do a search for a nice large star field. This is all up to your preference, I chose a single color space star field. Once you have it paste it into the image and set the layer to Color Dodge. It is alright if you have to stretch the image this time just make sure the star fill the wallpaper.

Now using the “StarTrek BT” font in white write out the movie launch date “05.08.09” at 60px and the name at 120px “Star Trek”

Now take the selection of the earth you cut out and move it to the wallpaper. Rotate the earth roughly 15°. Next scale the earth down roughly 50% and move it to the left side of the wallpaper. Then go to Imges > Adjustments > Level and move the Black slider towards the center until you are satified with the color depth. Then take your pen tool and cut off the ozone layer from the earth.

With the Ozone layer inside it’s own layer go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the blur to roughly 10 pixels and hit OK.

Next do a search for a Lightning storm. We are going to use this to create a lightning Storm in Space. Once you have the image open it in photo shop. Go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates and select Rectangular To Polar and hit okay. Using your Elliptical Marquee Tool Crop out the circular section. Move that to our Wallpaper Scale to fit as a small spacial anomaly. Take your eraser tool with an opacity of 20% and blend the edges to not stand out. Set the layer to Color Dodge.

Now Take the Enterprise you cut out earlier. And place it in our wallpaper. Scale it down if you like 95% – 90% should be enough. You want to place the enterprise towards the middle of the wallpaper. Then go to Images > Adjustments > Levels and do that same steps like you used on the planet.

Next Duplicate the layer CTRL+J. Then go to Filter > Motion Blur set your angle to 14 and your distance to 53 and hit OK. Now using your move tool line up the outer side of the deflector dish in the blurred and non blurred enterprise. Next CTRL+Click the non blurred enterprise layer go to Selection > Modify > Contract and contract the selection 10 pixels. Finally feather the selection Selection > Modify > Feather also 10 px. Then hit the Delete key.

Now we are on the last steps. Making the wrap nassells look like they are running. So using your pen tool make selections of both front nassells. make a new layer now use the splatter brush at 100px with #000d3a. Go over your selection once making sure it is covered. Set the layer to Vivid Light.

Make a new layer. Following the same steps as above but using the chalk brush with color #f7a650 go over your selection once. Set the layer to color dodge.

Finally Make a new layer. Continue to use the selection from the last two steps. Set your foreground to #000b4a and your background to #9e8e91. Next fill the selection with your foreground and go to Filter > Render > Clouds, or Difference Clouds if you like, and hit OK. Then hit CTRL+F until you have a good difference in colors. Set the layer Opacity to 30% and the Blend to Color Burn. And your done.

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