Happy Halloween Signature

Learn how to create a spooky Halloween signature.

Start by creating a New Document [400px x 90px]. Now fill the new document with black [Edit > Fill > Black].

Find an image of a spider web and place it on top of the background.

Now go to [Image > Adjustments > Desaturate]. Change the blending mode to Hard Light. Set the opacity to 30%.

Next add an image of the night sky with a full moon. Change the blending mode to Luminosity. Set the opacity to 65%.

Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to select around the moon. Create a new layer and paint yellow in the selection. Change the blending mode to Soft Light. Set the opacity to 80%.

Use the paintbrush with white paint and use a smoke pattern brush at a low opacity to add some smoke to the background.

Now find an image of a candle and cut it out with the Polygon Lasso tool. Set the blending mode to Lighten. Use the Eraser tool with a soft brush to fade the edges of the flame and the base of the candle.

Next add an image of a pumpkin and go to [Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast]. Turn the Brightness down to -10 and turn the Contrast up to +10.

Now add a picture of someone’s head, you can use a picture of your self if you want to, I used Robert Downey Jr. or you can call him Tony Stark aka Iron Man. 🙂

Desaturate the face and adjust the Brightness/Contrast. (Brightness: +20 / Contrast: +65).

Select the white part of his face with the Magic Wand. Create a new layer and fill the selection with white. Hide the original image and you should be left with a great outline of a face.

Next we are going to apply some blending options. Here are all the options I added (Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Gradient Overlay, Inner Glow, and Stroke). Click image to see all options.

After all that we need to add an outer glow to the pumpkin. I duplicated the original pumpkin layer and deleted the face selection from the middle. Then I added a white outer glow with the opacity turn down.

Add ‘Happy Halloween’ to the middle with some yellow glow to match the pumpkin. Now you are finished with this cool Halloween Signature.

Happy Halloween!

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