Halloween Project: Turn any Face into the Joker

This tutorial will reflect a similarity between the Joker in the recent Batman
movie, but I am not trying to make the face look exactly like that. But since
it is the coolest Joker to date, I wanted to make something similar.

Here is my final result

First of all here is the face I found to change into a joker…

I am going to work with the full size picture so open up the picture in
photoshop and make a new layer above it.

First I want to add the white makeup on the face.

Change your color to white and grab a 45px soft brush. Paint over the areas
that the brush will fit in leaving the mouth and eyes. Use other sizes of
the brush as well so you don’t color over anything you want to leave in view.

Here is the part I did with the 45px brush

Now the rest using a 35px brush

Now set that layer to soft light.

Duplicate it and set the next layer to hue.

That should give you a pretty nice white makeup look.

Here is mine:

Next we will move on to the black makeup on the eyes.

Create a new layer and use the same technique as we did previously. Use black
as your color and be careful not to color over the eyes.

Here is my result:

Now set your new layer around the eyes to soft light

Duplicate that layer and set it to hue

Duplicate that layer and set it to soft light again

Here is that result:

Now on the last one you duplicated get your eraser brush out.

I am using a 35px soft eraser brush. Erase around the eyebrows so they stand out
more and other areas to make it look more realistic.

After that I have this

Now for the red paint on the mouth and cheeks.

Create a new layer and pick the color #993939 which looks like this

Now take a 45px soft brush and cover the mouth and cheek area in random spots
so it looks like it was put on by hand.

Create a new layer above that and pick the color #767171

Now color the exact same parts you did with your reddish color

Ok one more time create a new and choose the color #200505

Yet again color over the same areas

Now change all 3 of the layers blending mode to overlay

As you noticed the lips are covered as well but we just want to erase the paint
off of them.

So take your eraser brush and erase each layer off of the lips

I think that looks pretty realistic what about you?

Now I want to add some scars to the sides of the face similar to that in

For the scars I experimented with a few things but I got the best result when
I used a picture of a crack in concrete.

Here is the picture:

Shrink the picture a bit and either cut out the crack with your pen tool or
erase all the parts other than the crack

Now I am left with this:

Now I am going to take that and fit it in my picture on the left jaw first
like this

Erase the parts that go off the face and past the lips

Make sure there is no edge around the crack once you erase.

Once you do that do the same for the other side or copy the same one and
flip it horizontally and put it on the other side.

Set the blending mode to luminosity on both. Also set the fill to 66%.

Here is my result from that

For some final touches I am going to use the burn tool on his face to bring
out some more shadows.

So grab your burn tool and pick about a 93px soft brush and set the range to shadows.

I am going to do some random burns, one between the eyes and forehead, one
under the left eye and cheek, and some on the right cheek. I also added a little
shadow under the nose.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned some new techniques. Thanks for

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