July 23, 2017

Grungy Metal Texture

I’ll be teaching you how to make some grungy metal with a star in this tutorial.
grungy metal texture result image


First create a new document then fill the background with an appropriate color.
My document size was 435 x 223 pixels and the background color I used is #dbc699.


So after you’ve got your basic background color, reset your colors to black/white by pressing D.
Now go and apply Filter > Render > Clouds, before doing anything else go to Edit > Fade and use about 65% with the mode Soft Light.
Fade settings:
fade settings image
Resulting in:
after clouds and fade image
Lastly for this step apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with an amount of about 1.0 – 2.5, I just used 1.0.
after applying noise image


Now what you need to do is go and download some realistic grunge brushes. You can get some from PhotoshopBrushes.com.
Good brushes:
Grungy Corners Set 2
Grungy Brushes Set 2
Concrete Textures
Create a new layer then brush some nice grunge brushes over the canvas a bit like mine:
after grunge brushing image
Lower the opacity for your grunge brushing layer to about 40%.
after layer opacity change image