Graphic Wallpaper: Hit-Girl

I went in with marginal expectations when going in to see Kick-Ass this past weekend and ended up enjoying it immensely. So much, in fact, that it inspired my latest tutorial piece. In this project walkthrough I plan on showing the different techniques that went into creating this graphic featuring the show-stealer Hit-Girl.

I started off pretty simply. 2 colors blocked out: 1 for the base skin tone, and black for the leather costume pieces.

Now some black details for the mouth, nose and eyes.

This big purple blob for the hair.

I traced along this shape with the Lasso Tool and used one of these trusty splatter brushes to paint in some dark blue.

I then picked a light blue shade to speckle in on top of that. Here you can already begin to see a graphic appeal.

Then I used the Lasso Tool to draw in some shapes for the teeth and eye whites. Gray was used for the base because white will be added later.

Notice the background color is a darker skin color while a lighter shade is accompanied with it. I chose to make the darker tone the base at this point and decided to work my way up to light. I chose a spongy paintbrush since it has those brushstroke qualities and began to paint on a new layer with the lighter skin tone with dabs on the cheeks, chin and nose.

You can use the bracket keys [ ] to increase and decrease the brush size. I pressed the opening bracket to make the brush smaller and dabbed a few more light paint applications.

Ok at this time I hid the layer with all the light paint and created a new layer for some darks. Here are the areas that were painted with darker values. You might have noticed the lips take some shape as well.

And the second application with the smaller brush size for some finer details.

Here I clicked the gray sections of the eyes with the Magic Wand Tool and airbrush in some white. I did this to the teeth as well.

Here’s what the art looks like with all of the current layers turned visible.

I repeated the process with the hair as well. The first pass employed a darker purple, and the second actually used a black with a lowered opacity and fill.

Here are some subtle details added on a new layer. Some lighter skin tones near-white were dabbed on the lips, chin, cheeks and nose.

With the Lasso Tool I drew some selections on another brand new layer. In these selections I applied some strokes downward with white.

Here’s what the white paint looks like once the “Overlay” blend mode was used in the Layers Panel. Default was “Normal.”

At this point I was pretty happy with the art so I linked the layers and pressed Ctrl+E to combine. Ctrl+L brought up the levels window to fine-tune the contrast and saturation.

Now for the trademark paint splatter style seen in the movie trailers. 2 new layers were made behind the flattened art: 1 for the white fill, which will serve as the canvas, and a second for the first layer of paint splashes. After splattering paint all over the place I double-clicked the actual layer in the Layers Panel to open up the Layer Styles window. Checkbox on the Gradient Overlay style and notice the following options. It’s basically a radial gradient from purple to dark purple out.

I made another layer above this to add some more splashes without a gradient.

Here she is with the flattened art layer revealed on top of the splatters.

Now for some type. I added a simple drop shadow Layer Style on this.

The final touch is the pink paint that underlines her name. This is on it’s own
layer on top of all of the rest. I ended up using the combination of 3 later styles
to achieve this effect.

First, a simple drop shadow.

Bevel and Emboss will give it a raised texture look with some shiny plastic qualities.

And a linear Gradient Overlay for a gradation of pink values.

And there’s the final piece! Click here or the image below for the full HD wallpaper and leave a comment for any thoughts or questions!

By Mark Rivera

Mark is an animator and ad designer for WebProNews. He has a passion for illustration and 3D art.

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