Gradient Navigation Bar

This tutorial will show you how to create a nice, simple navigation bar in Photoshop. You can use this bar for the navigational element of a template.

result image

1. The Background

First of all create a new document and prepare the background. I used a 780×160 document, but I definately won’t be using all of that (especially in the tutorial images!)

I filled the background with #2c394c and made a few things for the bar to go inside. You can do what you want.

background gradient

2. The Shape

First of all get the Rounded Rectangle Tool.

rounded rectangle tool
Use the following settings:
rectangle options
Now make a shape like so:
What you need to do now is make a selection in the top left corner of the shape sized 200×20.
To do that get the Rectangular Marquee Tool and use the following settings:
marquee settings
selection in the top right
Copy the inside of the selection into a new layer, now delete the other layer.
Duplicate that layer and flip it horizontally Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.
Now move the shape the farthest right until there’s a space in the middle.
Merge those two layers together then duplicate it again. Flip the layer Vertically Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical, now move it downwards approximately 20 pixels.
flipped vertically
Merge the layers together and center the shape into the document.
So now that you’ve made the shape, continue on with the tutorial:

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