Google's Code Playground

In the past we talked about using Google’s APIs in order to enhance your site. You may have thought about using Google APIs on your site in the past, but felt that there maybe a limitation to what you could do, or that it wouldn’t provide the features you thought the API would. Well there is a solution for you, Google’s Code Playground.

With Code Playground, you can edit the API code, and see the results in real time. Some of the APIs that are supported in the Code Playground are the translation API, blogger API, calendar API, Earth API, even FriendConnect just to name a few. We did notice that not all the playground tools are supported in all browsers. We couldn’t get the Hindi translation example to work in Opera 9.6.

Using Google’s APIs can help reduce development time for any website, but using Code Playground, you can reduce the developement time a lot quicker since you can test your code in real time. One of the hidden benefits of using Code Playground, is that you can learn the concepts and how to create more complex code using Google’s APIs, thus expanding the depth of your site’s features.

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