Google’s Cloud Platform Receives New Features

Google announced the real-time integration of third party log analytics service Logentries with Google Cloud Platform for “near real-time” log streaming and analysis. Cloud Platform customers, as a result, gain a new choice for log management and analytics including anomaly detection.

Logentries can now be used with Google App Engine and Cloud Dataflow or similar services.

“Thanks to Google Cloud Logging export feature to Pub/Sub, it was easy to build a direct integration between Logentries and Google Cloud,” said Marc Concannon, VP of Product at Logentries. “The Pub/Sub API was well documented and the Google’s commitment to developing an open collaboration made the integration smooth.”

“Cloud Pub/Sub is a powerful messaging service responsible for routing data between applications at scale that delivers notifications within milliseconds, even when handling more than 1 million messages per second,” Google explains in a blog post. “In essence it is a near real time many-to-many, asynchronous messaging service that helps to create simple, reliable, and flexible applications by decoupling senders and receivers. It allows for secure and highly available communication between independently written applications. Cloud Pub/Sub is thus an ideal service for transporting your logs and it allows you to either push your log events, or pull them as they happen.”

To configure Logentries with Google Cloud Logging, enable the Cloud Pub/Sub API, add the Logentries Service Account to your project, configure Export to Cloud Pub/Sub, and add a log in Logentries. A more detailed step-by-step is available here.

“Logentries uses a unique pre-processing engine to perform advanced analysis on Google logs in near real-time such that data is pre-analysed, thus reducing the requirement for complex search queries on your logs to identify important system or user activity,” Google says. “Logentries’ integration with Google Cloud Platform enables you to pinpoint issues quickly as well as look at long term trends across your log data.”

Google Cloud Platform customers can take advantage of Live Tail with Event Tagging and near-real-time notifications and inactivity alerts, and can use logs as data. More on all of this here.

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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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