Google will Give Examples of Links that Caused a Manual Spam Action; Matt Cutts!

Head of Web Spam in Google, Matt Cutts in the latest video has said that webmasters can expect Google to provide them more information regarding manual web spam actions in Webmaster Tools.

While replying to a question, "Will Webmaster Tools ever tell us what links caused a penalty?" Cutts said that algorithmic things are just rankings and don't generate messages in Webmaster Console.

Taking the discussion further, Cutts said that if you log into the Webmaster Tools Console and find a message, it means the web spam team has taken some direct manual action that is affecting the ranking of the website. Right now, some of these messages come with example links or URLs that might be causing issues.

Matt also said, "We would not say that the examples provided with the messages are the only problem creators. If there are millions of offending URLs, we cannot send million URLs in an email or message because it will take too much of storage space. But, we will provide more information in those messages. So, you might get 1, 2, 3 – some number of example URLs to understand the issues that are creating problems. We are trying to figure out how to expand the number of example URLs as it will be great for webmasters to look at the issues deeply and take quick actions".


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