Google Webmaster Notifications will Now Show Example URLs!

Matt Cutts, at SMX Advanced announced that Google Webmaster Tools notification will now come along with example URLs of problem areas. The improvement will begin in a day or so.

The change will make it easier for webmasters to understand the reason behind the penalty imposed by Google. In case you have received a manual penalty for unnatural links, Google will also provide with sample URLs for reference to show where the penalties are or derived from.

Matt Cutts also released a video, following the announcement, wherein, he has talked more about the improved Google Webmaster Tools notifications. Cutts said that one of the most common requests he receives is "To include more concrete, actionable information, whenever Google sends out a notification message to a webmaster".

Google won't be able to show you every single thing that is wrong because of a couple of reasons such as; it might help spammers or if there a lot of bad pages, Google would be sending out emails that are 50 MB long. But, by providing a couple of example URLs, webmasters will be able to know where to look for when they are trying to fix things and clean the site back up.

Matt Cutts said that Google will keep looking for ways to provide more guidance and transparency so that webmasters get a little idea of where to look.

Here’s the link to the video:


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