Google Spills the Beans Over Recent Search and Ranking Tweaks, Confirms Panda 4.0 Update!

Google finally broke the silence over all the discussions surrounding Google updating its algorithm. Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts confirmed on Twitter that Google is rolling yet another Panda refresh. Panda 4.0, as Google names this update, brings an end to all the speculations that have been brewing over the past few weeks.

Matt Cutts Tweet Google Spills the Beans Over Recent Search and Ranking Tweaks, Confirms Panda 4.0 Update!

How is This Update Different?

Google’s Panda update is meant to restrict sites with poor content from reaching top ranks in Google search results. Poor quality content here means duplicate, overlapping or redundant articles on similar topics with little or no variation in keywords. However, Google has not yet made any comments on what this update will be targeting. There are chances that with the algorithmic change Google might get more strict in identifying low quality content in sites.

Yes it’s a Bigger Update

Google had already stopped updating us about Panda updates after they began rolling one every month, so the recent update comes as a surprise to all of us. With the tracking tools (MozCast, Algoroo, SERPMetrics) reporting massive fluctuations this week, it seems Panda 4.0 must be a bigger update to the Google algorithm rather than just another data refresh.

This may mean that the new version of the algorithm can bring changes to how websites are identified by Panda. Google has confirmed that Panda 4.0 affects different languages to different degrees. For example, in English, it impacts 7.5% of queries to a degree which is noticeable to a regular user.

If your site has been hit by the Panda update, try to audit your site against all the possible causes like onsite and offsite duplication, thin content, page speed, canonical redirects, grammar and spelling and other guidelines provided by Google for building high quality sites.


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