Google Restructures the Webmaster Tools & Adds a New Search Appearance Overlay!

Google has updated the navigation within Google Webmaster Tools and has added a new "search appearance" pop up to provide more guidance to the new webmasters.

Mariya Moeva, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst said, "The new navigation was redesigned and structured to be in the order of the stages of search."

Here's a brief on what each section in the New Webmaster Tools Navigation contains:

Crawl Section – The section will give you information on how Google discovers and crawls the content on the page. Your crawl stats, blocked URLs by crawling, crawl errors, URL parameters, sitemaps, and the Fetch features will be visible.

Search Appearance – The feature will mark up your pages to help Google in understanding the content on your website better at the time of indexing. This will as a result potentially influence on how your page will appear in search results. The section has Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements, Data Dashboard, and Sitelinks.

Google Index – The section will track the number of pages of your website indexing on Google and how Google understands the content. Webmasters will be able to monitor the Index Status of the website, see the keywords Google has found on their pages, and request the removal of URLs from search results.

The Search Traffic tab will show the performance of your web pages in search results. Information like how people are finding your site, who's recommending your website, pages from your website with internal links from other internal pages will also be visible in the section.

Improved Access to Administrative Functions

Every profile will have an icon on the top right that will provide webmasters the ability to access the administrative functions. Features present in the icon include:

  • Account-level admin tasks including setting user permissions
  • Site settings
  • Change of address

These items will be visible to the site owner as "full" or "restricted" features. The options you will be able to see in the menu will depend on your level of access.

Search Appearance Popping Up

The new Search Appearance Pop-up is introduced to make it easier for novice webmasters to visualize how their website will appear in search results. Moreover, the pop-up will let the webmasters get more information about content or structure changes that might influence each element.

Google Restructures the Webmaster Tools & Adds a New Search Appearance Overlay!


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