Google Releases Instantiations Tools

Getting swallowed up by Google wasn’t at all the end of things for the developer tools created by Instantiations.  Now the company’s tools, which could have been taken private when Instantiations was acquired in August, have been re-released for free.

GWT Designer, a plug-in for Eclipse, is perhaps the best-known tool.  CodePro AnalytiX, WindowBuilder Pro, and WindowTester Pro are the other three products that are up for grabs.

Bruce Johnson of the Google Developer Team wrote on the Google Web Toolkit Blog, “[W]e hope you’ll start using them within your GWT projects.  Meanwhile, our next step is to more deeply unify them into the GWT family of tools by blending the fantastic Instantiations technology into the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE).”

Then here are a couple more important notes: “You can download any of the tools from the GWT download page.  If you have questions or comments we’d love to hear from you.  The best place to discuss the tools above is at  As always, continue to discuss GWT and GPE at the main GWT Group.”

Have fun with the freebies.

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By Doug Caverly

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