Google Ranking Explained in Just 8 Minutes

Last week Matt Cutts released a video titled “How Does Google Search Work?″ that explains how Google crawls, uses page rank, sets priorities, indexes, and filters in just 8 mins.

Part history lesson, part education lesson; Cutts kicks off by explaining the journey that crawling has taken since he first started at Google. Actually when he first began working at Google, they only crawled website’s every three or four months. Imagine if that was the case now; webmasters and SEO’s would be up in arms!

Stating Page Rank as a crucial parameter for deciding your website’s ranking in Google, Cutts explained

We basically take page rank as the primary determinant. And the more page rank you have– that is, the more people who link to you and the more reputable those people are– the more likely it is we’re going to discover your page relatively early in the crawl.


Among other topics Cutts covered in his video included how Google is laying great emphasis on the freshness of a website (hint hint, webmasters!), although he does not go into explaining how the freshness of a site actually affects the overall ranking in the SERPs. But basically, a website with fresh, up-to-date relevant content surely stands a better chance of being crawled and indexed faster than sites with old content.

Cutts’ attempt to provide an overview of how Google works within just 8 minutes is commendable but don’t expect to hear any new groundbreaking info. This really is a video targeted at marketers who are relatively new to search however the video’s can be helpful for understanding the basics. However, it is good to get an explanation of how the Google search engine works from someone who really knows what he’s talking about and who has been there from the start.

For those who want to take a look, enjoy!


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By Rene LeMerle

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