Google Plus One for Websites – Available Now

Well, its official. You can now add the Google Plus One button onto your website.

Back in March after rolling out the Plus one into Google Search Results, it was much anticipated that the functionality to add the same button directly onto your site would be added – and now it has.

Why should you pay any attention to this? If they have not already began, Google will be using this plus one data as a ranking signal in their algorythim. While it is not expected to play a major role in search rankings, the more people you get to “Plus One” your content, the more of an extra kick you will receive.

I wouldn’t recommend going out and creating hundreds of Google accounts to boost your pluses either. Google is most likely smart enough to figure this out and it could definitely come back to bite you.

Adding the plus one icon to your site is extremely easy. Simply visit Google’s Plus One code generator, and follow the simple instructions. There are 4 button styles and sizes to choose from. Once selected, simply copy and paste two pieces of code onto your site. One into the <head> section, and the other where you want the button to appear.  Here is a snapshot of the generator: (click to enlarge)

Plus one data will also be made available in your Google Webmaster Tools, however at the time of this writing I have yet to see this show up in my account.



By Scott Van Achte

Scott Van Achte is the Senior SEO at StepForth Web Marketing. Since Joining the StepForth team back in early 2003 he has thoroughly enjoyed working in the search engine industry. When he is not busy earning his keep, Scott can be found spending quality time with his wife Lyndsay and new daughter Emma. Scott would be happy to answer any questions and can be reached at [email protected]