Google Out Of Nexus Ones

It seems that Google can’t strike a balance when it comes to phone sales.  Not long ago, when anyone could buy one, the search giant had trouble selling enough Nexus Ones.  And now, although they’re only available to developers, the company’s run out.

Tim Bray explained on the Android Developers Blog yesterday, “A couple of weeks ago, we arranged that registered developers could buy an unlocked Nexus One via their publisher page in Android Market.  We think it’s a good development platform and a nice phone.”

Then Bray got to the point: “Apparently, you agree.  Somewhat too many of you, in fact; we blew through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC, who are doing a pretty good job of managing runaway success amid a worldwide AMOLED shortage.”

Hopefully the phones will be restocked in short order.  If not, well, at least this is one of those fast-moving fields in which a short delay could mean the buyer will benefit from the release of an entirely superior device.

Developers who really, really want a Nexus One might remember that the phones have been known to surface on eBay, too.

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By Doug Caverly

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