Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

Google has announced a new functionality in Webmaster Tools- the Structured Data Dashboard. While introducing the dashboard, Google emphasized on the importance of structured data and how it uses the same in rich snippets and other applications. The Structured Data Dashboard can be found under “Optimization” and comes with three views:

Site-level view

At the top level the dashboard groups this data on the basis of root item type as well as vocabulary schema. Google said, “Root item type means an item that is not an attribute of another on the same page. For example, the site below has about 2 million Schema.Org annotations for Books

Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

Itemtype-level view

One can see single page details for every item as well. And the view allows for the checking of the structured data added most recently.

Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

Google said, “We store a fixed number of pages for each site and item type. They are stored in decreasing order by the time in which they were crawled. We also keep all their structured data markup. For certain item types we also provide specialized preview columns as seen in this example below (e.g. “Name” is specific to Product).”

Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

Page-level view

This page shows all features of each item type on a specific page. There is also a link given to the Rich Snippet testing tool for that page.

Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

Google has added that the Dashboard will help webmasters know of any defects in their mark up and also be sure that Google is taking in the new markup.

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