Google Goes Live With App Invites Toolkit

While in beta, Google has a new toolkit for mobile app developers called App Invites, which enables them to provide users with…you guessed it. They’re making it available to both Android and iOS app developers. Launch partners include UrbanSitter, Yummly, The CW, Coinbase and Picsart.

According to Google, App Invites let developers increase reach, deep link new users to custom experiences, and tap into users’ devices and Google-wide contacts as a source to drive referrals.

“If you’re looking to drive usage and grow a mobile app, you’re probably testing out referrals, recommendations, and the user onboarding experience,” writes product manager Ranjith Jayaram in a blog post. “These product flows are resource-intensive to design, build, and optimize. What if you could use a set of tools that help your users share your app, and get more of the right people to download and use your app? What if you could craft a more personalized onboarding experience in your new user’s journey?”

Well, that’s where App Invites come in.

“Google’s new App Invites will accelerate our organic growth even further, giving people the opportunity to proactively invite their friends to join our mission of beautifying the world!” said Arusiak Kanetsyan, Director of Content and Communication at PicsArt who has relied mainly on word-of-mouth for its growth.

With the beta tookit, developers can tap into SMS and email invites via the user’s phone and Google contacts, and it will recommend the closest contacts to share the app with as well as suggest a preferred method of delivery. Also included is an install button in the email invites and faster Android install flows. New Android users will be able to click App Invite and download the app straight from the Play Store without having to use browser windows. You can also offer custom discount codes or content for personalization and measure app invites with Google Analytics custom reports.

If you want to utilize the toolkit, go here.

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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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