Google Gives Notebooks To Game Developers Conference Attendees

Where Google goes, developers should perhaps – in a very literal, physical sense – follow.  It seems developers who attended Google-led sessions at the Game Developers Conference yesterday received Cr-48 notebooks in return for their interest.

Now, we’ll admit: reviews of Cr-48s have made pretty clear that they’re not the best thing ever.  They don’t even sound acceptable, really.  But having one around wouldn’t hurt anyone, and it might at least help extend the life of other gadgets on the rare occasion you’d reach for it instead of one of them.

Plus, Josh Lowensohn pointed out, “Google, of course, is no stranger to handing out high-value items to developers in the hopes of improving growth on its platforms.  The company had given out free HTC Evo 4G cell phones to Google I/O attendees last year, long before they were on the market, and it had done the same with the year before with the HTC Magic.”

So the next time Google holds a developer conference or is in charge of a session at one, keep in mind that showing up could get you a free gadget.

Then you can presumably play with, use, sell, or even blend/shoot/burn the gadget as you see fit.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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