iGoogle Developers Get More Features

Google has released some of its most requested features for the iGoogle Gadget Dashboard, which was launched last November.

“You may have already noticed the newest additions to the dashboard, which we rolled out over the last week,” says iGoogle tech lead Sascha Haberling. “Developers can now subscribe to their gadget’s directory comments with their favorite RSS reader, so it’s easy to stay current with your user’s concerns and desires. If you’re a developer with a lot of gadgets, we’ve added sorting options so you can keep gadgets ordered in the most useful way. Finally and for the first time, developers can easily submit and withdraw gadgets from the iGoogle directory, giving them even greater control over their presence on iGoogle.”

In addition, Google has already given developers the ability to track their user count, pageviews, canvas views, geographic distribution, etc.

Google says they’re firm believers in the principle that empowering developers is the best way to give its users the best experience (at least for iGoogle).

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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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