Google Gears for Safari

Even though Google hasn’t been giving Mac users as much love as they could have done, since they made their bid for world domination only 2 short weeks ago. Today, at least, everyone is catching on that a Safari compatible Google Gears was released for webkit a few days ago. You’ll need either 10.4.11+ or 10.5.3+ along with Safari 3.1.1 or newer to be able to use it.

To install, visit this page with your webkit based browser, click the Install Gears button, and agree to Google’s terms to download the installer. Safari will open the disk image it has downloaded for you, and start the installer. Once you’re done, restart Safari, and all that yummy offline goodness is yours for the taking!

Incase you’re not yet making the most of Gears, it really shines when it comes to keeping data in the cloud so that you can access it from any of your computers, and more importantly when you still want access to that data if you are offline for a while. Now that we have a Webkit compatible Gears release, we can access Zoho Writer docs from Safari on the plane, and resynchronize with the cloud from the hotel at the other end! All without having Firefox sucking the life out of my battery at 15% CPU usage when idle…

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