Google Chrome

A few short days after posting a Scott McCloud penned comic to the Google blog, yesterday saw a Windows only beta release of the shiny new Google Chrome browser. Since it is based largely on code from Apple’s Webkit and Mozilla’s Firefox it’s a great shame not to also see a simultaneous release for Linux and OS X.

Chrome comes with V8, an innovative new Javascript compiler, which generates machine code that will run directly on the CPU without an interpreter. It certainly looks like it will give even SquirrelFish a sound thrashing when it comes to being the fastest browser in the world.

Seemingly intent on taking over the world, Google Chrome appears to be more like an operating system than a mere browser. It’s designed to manage memory and processes, contains a permissions system, and is integrated with Google Gears so that authorized processes can interact with the filesystem. Maybe there will be no final release that needs an operating system stealing valuable cycles from Chrome, and it will run directly on your hardware instead of inside Windows or Linux?

After if Google Mail, Google Docs and the rest of the google apps follow Google Reader with a working offline mode, maybe we can all get by living inside Google Chrome a browser for all our computing needs?

We sure are lucky that Google isn’t Evil. Phew.

[Via CuppaDev]

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