Google Chrome The Future of Web Browsers

Google Chrome Internet Web Browser
Google Chrome Internet Web Browser

I was recently visiting my google account page, you know where it lists all the things google has for you to do and what not?  So I see something about “Google Chrome”, I’m like wt.. 🙂 and I click, you know the “oh so curious” face.

So I’m like oh wow, because you know google and their practical jokes.  I did some research and it isn’t a joke.  Google isn’t like a “Traditional” web browser because what google chrome wants to do is make it so tabs run on its own processes so it uses less time consuming and less crashing.  You know when you load a webpage which does ajax requests and the page wont let you do anything else and freezes up browsers and possible crash?  Well Google Chrome stops that, yeah I’m like “yeah right”, it does really O_o.  When a tab freezes a page, that tab is destroyed :), not all your other hard work and research that you been using.  Yeah so a page crashed, the other 5 tabs you didn’t book mark doesn’t crash with it, not only is this great, but it is good for researching pages, and you know “fake” pages which tend to crash you on purpose?  Problem solved.

Read the comic!

It’s quite amusing comic and it explains every little step of how google chrome works and I promise you’ll laugh a few times :), great job google, may the future be with you xD.

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