Google Apps Script Goes For A Drive

Google Apps Script is one of the more interesting projects over at Google. It has the potential to totally rethink how people build applications for the Web and over the Cloud. At Google I/O, the company announced some new features to push it further towards its potential.

The big announcement is the launch of a new Web site just for Apps Script developers. It’s been a long time coming and now developers can get all the information they need on the latest and greatest developments in Apps Script from easy to acces location.

Google is also utilizing Drive for Apps Script. Developers can now create Apps Script projects right from Google Drive and share them between friends and colleagues over the Cloud. It’s a great new way to get people collaborating on Apps Script projects between offices or even countries.

So what if you’re new to Apps Script or just aren’t very good with the tools that Google provides yet? For those developers, Google has launched Html Services, a great way to help developers create apps using HTML, client-side JavaScript and CSS. Once you’ve finished making your app, you’re going to need a place to store it – that’s where ScriptDb comes in. The new services makes it so that developers no longer have to save Apps Script data in spreadsheets anymore, but can rather save large volumes of data behind easily accessed data stores.

A final gesture of goodwill comes in the form of new publishing options. Those who create Web apps using Apps Script can publish them directly to the Chrome Web Store. There’s even a new option in the Publish menu that takes care of registration and packaging for your app.

In a Google I/O that’s been filled with crazy spherical music players and skydiving antics, it’s easy to forget about the developers. It’s good to see that Google hasn’t lost sight of what I/O is all about and stuff like this just further cements their efforts to be best friends with developers.

By Zach Walton

Zach Walton is a Writer for WebProNews. He specializes in gaming and technology. Google+

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