Google Announces New In-App Search Results Features and Tools

Google held an AdWords announcement event today to reveal a number of new things for Google search ads, the Display Network, YouTube and AdMob.

Here’s the full keynote:

A new AdMob feature will enable advertisers to target people based on the apps they use, as well has how often they use them, and their in-app purchases. Advertisers making use of YouTube TrueView ads will be able to add app-installs.

Google also announced a new “app re-engagement” campaign type in AdWords (for search and display). This lets users go right to apps that have already been installed. Google uses the example that if you already have the HotelTonight app installed, and at some point you search on Google for “hotels in San Francisco,” you might get an add rom HotelTonight, which will let you open the app directly from the ad, and take you to the appropriate destination. That would be more helpful than simply going to HotelTonight’s main app landing page.

Google is also adding new conversion measurement tools to AdWords, building on Estimated Total Conversions, which it launched last year.

“As people search more online for local businesses and then go into the store to make purchases, we’re testing ways to measure the effectiveness of search ads at driving in-store sales, using anonymized purchase data from retail partners,” says Jerry Dischler, Vice President, Product Management, for AdWords. “RKG and fashion retailer, Express, very early testers, found that overall return on ad spend increases 102% when including offline sales in online advertising results. We’re excited to invest here because over time it will give people a better experience, as more businesses see the value and invest in local information like directions, inventory information, promotions and offers.”

“For businesses looking for new customers, the increase in constant connectivity means that the scale of your campaigns is growing, and you’ve told us you want help to manage your campaigns more effectively. So, we’re bringing enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools to AdWords,” he adds.

This includes more bulk actions (location targeting, ad rotation), automated bidding (maximizing number of conversions or total value of conversions), advanced reporting (new data analysis and visualization tools, and the ability to turn data into downloadable and shareable tables, graphs, and charts), and a “lab” inside of AdWords for testing and tweaking live campaigns.

The new stuff will be rolling out over the course of the coming months.

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