Golden Rims

On this tutorial I will teach you how to make the rims of your car golden.


First step is to pick an image. Google is your best friend for this. I picked my favorite car:


Now click on your Zoom Tool (Z). Zoom in the front rim.

Then, make your Foreground color to: #d3bc46.

Now you have to select your Pen Tool (P) and make a path around the metal rim. These are the steps I took with my Pen Tool:

Pen tool steps

Notice how on step 8 I made the path disappear. I did this by right clicking on the layer “gold” and clicking on Raterize Layer.

Now all you have to do is make the layer mode to “Color Burn”.

color burn

If you want the gold to look darker, you can duplicate the “gold” layer. If you want gold to be lighter, duplicate the layer and make the second layer’s mode to “Darken”.

Now do the same thing with the rim on the back and you will come up with this:


These are other examples that I did with the same technique:

example 1

example 2

Download the PSD!

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