Glowing Jason Vorhees Mask

Here we’re going to take the new Jason Vorhees mask and shine light through the back of it like they used to in the old school flicks. The new Friday the 13th film came out recently and while awesome, we’re going to blend a bit of the old school with the righteous new school.

The first thing we’re gonna do is press and hold the Rectangular Marquee Tool and change it to Elliptical Marquee. Drag and select an oval shape around the hock mask. Copy and Paste into a new layer.

Hide the bottom layer so you can see your work. Now that you have the mask isolated in its own layer, press Ctrl+I to invert the image and this will create a negative. Now the holes in the mask will be white and the mask itself will be dark.

Now we’re going to turn these values into pure blacks and whites by going to Image>Adjustments>Threshold Here are the settings I used.

Here’s the magic part. Goto Filter>Blur>Radial Blur and apply these settings: Full Amount, Blur Method – Zoom, Quality – Best. I aligned the Blur Center around the center of the mask. I just eyeballed it. Change the blending mode to Screen in the Layers panel.

Here is the processed effect and one application of the filter.

Right click the layer with the light effects and Duplicate it. Repeat the Radial Blur on this layer and the light beams will shine even further. You can use this light effect on many other different kinds of moods or applications.

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