Glowing Fractal Wallpaper

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to make a glowing fractal wallpaper like these:

Glowing Fractal Wallpaper 01Glowing Fractal Wallpaper 02

To start off what we want to do is create a fractal. I use Apophysis but you can use any fractal program. Once you have a fractal you like open it up in Photoshop. Here is the fractal I will be using:

To start off what we want to do is duplicate our fractal layer. So take your fractal layer and drag onto the new layer button. Then go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and insert any settings between 4 – 9. Each fractal is different so it will take some experimentation find the right one for your fractal. Then set your blurred layer on Linear Light. This will make the colors more vibrant and will make it brighter and seem to glow. Your fractal should look something like this now.

Now duplicate your blurred layer. And take the layer settings and put it on Soft Light. This should add to more of the glow feeling. Yours should look something like this:

Now I wanted to make my fractal look even brighter because it’s an angel and angels are known to be very bright. So make a new layer. Fill it black. Now go to Filter> Render> Lens flare. Then blur your Lens Flare. Finally set your Lens Flare layer on Color Dodge and move it so the Lens Flare is in the middle of your fractal. Your fractal should look something like this:

There is something wrong in my fractal though…Angel’s don’t have ugly green heads like that. So I am just going to take a white soft brush and brush over it. Now my fractal looks like this:

(Click for Full View)

Now just add your text and you are done! Congratulations you have a cool glowing Fractal wallpaper.

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