Glossy Peeling sticker Effect in Photoshop

The peeling sticker effect looks cool and is one of the easiest effects to do in photoshop. I will show you the steps to complete this simple effect.

Start a 400X400px document and create a black circle that fills up most of the area

Add blending options to it similar to this or whatever you want


Gradient Overlay

Inner Glow

Outer Glow

After that mine looks like this

Create a new blank layer below that one and merge them together so the blending options will not effect cutting the object.

Use your plygon lasso tool or pen tool to select an edge of the sticker

Use ctrl+x to cut the edge off and ctrl+c to paste it back in

rotate it 180 degrees and fit it back on the sticker

Hold down ctrl on your keyboard and click on the icon beside the layer you just made to create a selection around it

Create a new layer above that and fill the selection with the color white

You can delete the layer below it now.

Zoom in 200% and grab a 65px soft brush and make sure you have the color black as your foreground color

Set the opacity of the brush to around 46% and paint the edge of the layer

Do the same to the lower edge and I am left with something like this

With the selection still made around it create a new layer below it.

Fill it with black and click on the screen to remove the selection and add this gaussian blur to it

Move it with the arrow keys so that the shadow doesn’t show on the white background. Change that layers opacity to 50%.

You can do this to as many edges as you would like.

Next for the glossy portion. Use the pen tool to make a selection like this

Fill a new layer with white in the selection. Use the ctrl+click technique to create a selection around the sticker

Cut the part you want and paste it back in then set its opacity to about 5% and drag it below the peel layer

Add some text and you are done!

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