Global App Pricing Differences Examined

Here’s a fact many American car guys lament: Europe has a whole lot of cool cars that never become available in the US.  Only some of the cars would be pretty pricey if they did make the trip.  And it turns out that a similar situation exists with respect to Android apps.

A new report has indicated that apps originating in Europe tend to be the most expensive, with apps coming out of the UK costing the second-most.  Apps from America are a little cheaper, and apps from Japan are the least expensive.

Take these facts into consideration if you’re trying to create an app with any sort of international appeal.  No developer wants to earn less revenue than possible or price himself (or herself) out of the market.

Anyway, if you’re interested in specific numbers, the research was performed by Distimo, and Robin Wauters wrote, “The average price of an Android app published by a developer in Europe is $4.42, which is 49% higher than publishers located in the United States ($2.96).  For comparison, publishers in Japan price apps $2.28 on average, while the UK comes out at an average price of $3.31.”

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By Doug Caverly

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