Giving An Image More Impact, Depth & Effect…

I am going to show you how to edit an image such as an explosion to give it more impact, depth and effect to the viewer. This is what we are going to do:

explosion-normal To explosion-final

This tutorial is pretty big, but in steps which you can digest. These steps will let you be able to stop at any time with the image still improved!

Note: ‘**’ means that you can stop the tutorial now and it will still look better than the original.

Downloads: Original Image

First off, save the image and open it up in photoshop. Duplicate it (Right click and select duplicate or CTRL + J)

1. Select the duplicated layer and go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and follow these options:

2. Select the opacity of the layer to around 75%, select the rubber tool and go around the outside of the explosion and its edges and rub it out. Also rub out the smoke as well, make sure you set the hardness to 0%. Afterwords, set the blend mode of the layer to ‘Screen’.


3. Add a layer style, set the opacity to 50% and set these options:

Rub out everything in the levels layer except for the main explosion, make sure the hardness is 0%. This will give it a more brighter effect.


4. This may take some time, and might not be neccesary. Duplicate the original layer and cut out everything except for the explosion (including the smoke). Put this layer ontop of the levels layer.

5. Duplicate the original and go to Filter > Pixelate > Halftone and use these settings:

Set the layer blend mode to ‘Soft Light’, you may want to reduce the opacity but I didn’t. If you didnt follow Step 4 then rub out the halftone circles around the edge of the images if they are there.

Well thats the end of the tutorial! Hope you enjoyed it and learned somthing from it. Any questions just use the comments box.

Download Explosion PSD now.

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