Give Users What They Want: The Power of Customized Landing Pages

Have you ever wished that life was like a clean, crisp landing page — one with reduced clutter, focusing in on your ultimate objective with a clear call to action? It definitely would make things a lot easier and efficient.

Last week, while my colleague, Amanda Chaney, and I entered Dulles airport to catch our flight back to Charlottesville (it had been cancelled the night before, but that’s a different story), I was surprised how stale and cluttered everything was. Not only did every airline ticket counter resemble the next, but also every sign in the airport was the same color and font with no real distinction.

Being that Amanda and I already had our tickets, we were in search of our terminal. Even though we were able to find it and made our way home safely, I couldn’t help but feel that Dulles had landed us on their homepage and let us fend for ourselves. And not to sound dramatic – as this works offline, it will CRUSH you online.

For example, Clovis, the fifth largest staffing and recruiting firm for commercial and government clients, was running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and placing users who clicked on their ads on the homepage of their website. At the time, Clovis had a conversion rate of 1.17% by using the homepage as their landing page.

Landing on the homepage1 Give Users What They Want: The Power of Customized Landing Pages

Not having the ad directly correlate with the landing page resulted in prospects bouncing off their site — costing Clovis money with not much to show for. And not to make searchers sound lazy, but the average bounce rate after clicking on a PPC ad is 2 clicks.

Clovis, making the decision to bring on a search marketing agency to help boost conversions and develop landing pages, hired on Search Mojo.

While Search Mojo worked on developing custom landing pages for Clovis, we simply changed the landing page from the homepage to the most targeted area of the website that the user was looking for. By simply doing this, Clovis’ conversion rate rose to 2.4%.

Targeted Landing Page Give Users What They Want: The Power of Customized Landing Pages

The idea of an effective landing page is to give the user what they want the easiest way possible while reducing irrelevant noise. In this case, if a user is searching for “A-Level Sales and Management Talent,” then give them what they want! Have a landing page that directly relates to the search query of the user with a clear value proposition and a direct call to action. That being said, by applying custom landing pages for users to complete conversions, Clovis’ conversion rate rose to 12.5%.

Custom landing page Give Users What They Want: The Power of Customized Landing Pages

Keep in mind, just because someone clicked on an ad does not mean that you have their business. The conversion takes place on the landing page. Because this step is so critical to your success, you should always be testing and optimizing your landing pages. Remember, there’s always room for improvement. Always be progressing!

Coming back to my experience at Dulles airport, I understand that not everything in life will be targeted and easy, but it can be when it comes to PPC. By simply giving the users what they want the easiest way possible, you maximize your chances to convert sales, leads, or whatever action it is that you want performed.

What success/failures have you experienced with landing pages?


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By Justin Champion

Justin Champion joined Search Mojo in December 2010 as a Sales Consultant. Justin assists companies in deciding their search marketing needs. He works closely with Search Mojo's partners as well as prospective clients to determine each company's individual search engine marketing goals and devises a fitting solution. Justin graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Mass Communications with a Strategic Advertising concentration.