Give Someone an Alien Face Using Simple Photoshop Tools

In this tutorial I will run you through some different techniques to turn a regular picture of someone into an alien face.

Go from this:

To this:

First I will gather my materials

Ok now I will open up the picture of the woman and expand the canvas so there is space above her head. To do this I will use the crop tool.

Take your crop tool and drag it over your whole canvas and then pull the top middle of it up and hit enter.

Now I am going to add the bald head to hers so she has a nice round alien head. I am going to cut out the top portion of his bald head with the pen tool. You can cut it out however you want

Next I will paste that in my canvas and move it to the top of her head and size it down with the transform tool

Before I go any further with the bald head I am going to adjust the brightness and contrast of my woman layer because she is a little too bright for my liking. So go to image>>adjustments>>brightness/contrast

And use these settings:

Now I will do the same thing with the bald head layer to get the colors close to the same as the other layer

Then I will add a little hue/saturation adjustment to make it a little bit better. Just hit ctrl+U on your keyboard to use the tool or go to image>>adjustments>>hue/saturation

Here is what I have from those steps

Now I will use a 65px soft eraser brush to erase the bottom part of the bald head so it blends in with the woman better

My result after that

There are some parts of the bald head that I want to fit better over her head on the left and the right above her ears so I will use the warp tool to fit those better.

So hit ctrl+t on your bald head layer and then right click and pick warp.

Pull the bottom left and bottom right corners down to fit better

That looks like a pretty good blend so far here is what I have

She still shows some hair on the left and right so I am going to use my clone stamp tool to remove that.

I am going to use a 27px soft brush and zoom in on the part I want to use the tool on. I will zoom in to 300%. To zoom just hit ctrl and the plus sign on your keyboard.

Then I will paint her hair off with the brush. Before you do this you might want to duplicate your woman layer and hide one so you have a backup.

After I painted her hair away here is what I have

Do the same to the other side.

I don’t know about you I don’t think an alien should have a nose so I am going to remove it with the clone stamp tool as well.

Next I am going to give her a few more defined features by cutting certain parts of the bald face image I have and blend them in to the tutorial like I did the head.

Next I am going to make her green since she is an alien.

So create a new layer above all the others and set it to overlay.

Now get a mid green color and paint the whole image.

To use the clone tool hold down alt and click on part of the head you want to clone. I will click here:

I don’t really want her eyes and teeth to be green so I am going to erase parts of the green layer over her teeth and eyes.

I am going to put some alien skin on her with the alligator picture I have. I am going to cut out parts of the alligator and paste them over her, set the layer to soft light and use my eraser tool to blend them in better.

Next I am going to paint her eyes all black and put a white dots in them to give her alien eyes.

So start a new layer and zoom in real close and color her eyes black then use a small soft brush with the color white to put little dots in her eyes.

For a final touch I am going to make a selection around her lips with the pen tool and then use the hue/saturation tool to make them green. Make sure you choose the original layer with the woman.

If you want you can give her some weird teeth or erase her teeth completely since she is an alien but I just left the teeth in on my version because I don’t want her to look too evil.

And that is as far as I am going to go hope this helps you!

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