G.I. Joe Custom Wallpaper

In light of the of the release of G.I. Joe – Rise of Cobra, I figured we would do a tutorial about how to create a G.I. Joe wallpaper. Alright, American Hero let’s get to it.

Step 1 – Open a document with the resolution that your screen uses. For this monitor I’m going to use 1024×768. Fill the background with black.

GI Joe

Step 2 – To start out, we’re going to create an abstract image of the American flag for the background. So grab yourself a paint brush and select white. Here’s what I decided to go with.

GI Joe 2

and then select a different brush, and eyedrop red to use. Here’s where we’re at so far.

GI Joe 3

and then finally we’re going to do the top left with the blue and white stars. Again, here’s what I was left with.

GI Joe 4

Step 3 – Now we’re going to add the logo to the wallpaper. So find a good logo image.

GI Joe Logo

Apply the Dark Strokes filter to the logo.

GI Joe 5

and then you should be left with this…

GI Joe 6

Step 4 – Finally, we’re going to add some characters from the G.I. Joe story. I picked Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes. So just crop them out of the photo you’re using and place them around the flag, wherever you want. I added a drop shadow effect that really made them feel like they were coming out of the background flag.

voila, we’re finished.

GI Joe 8

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