Get $100 Per App From Microsoft To Develop For Windows 8

A platform is only as strong as the applications built for it. That’s something Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are both struggling with as some developers aren’t too keen on making apps for the Windows Store. Microsoft is hoping to fix that with some good old fashioned bribery.

Microsoft revealed a new initiative to attract developers by paying out $100 per app submitted to the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store. Developers will be able to earn up to $2,000 by submitting 10 apps per store.

Fortunately, Microsoft has put some rules into place to prevent people from just slapping together an app to get money. For starters, apps can not be clones of previously released apps so it must be something that’s at least somewhat original. The other stipulation is apps must do more than open a Web page to be eligible.

Still, it’s a bit worrisome to think that Microsoft is essentially bribing developers to make content for the WIndows 8 platform. The Verge points out a blog post from former Windows Phone 8 manager Charlie Kindel where he said that “paying developers to target your platform is a sign of desperation.” While some may disagree with that statement, it doesn’t look good on Microsoft when it has to pay developers to bring apps to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

While it may be a sign of desperation, cash strapped developers may want to take advantage of the promotion. To do so, you must submit apps through the Windows Store Dev Center. You also might want to act fast as Microsoft says the promotion will only last through the first 10,000 apps submitted to the store. I highly doubt that potentially earning $2,000 is going to bring that many apps to the Windows Store, but you never know.


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