Generic Apps In Apple's Sights

The Apple brand has always tried to be unique, developing products that are noticeably different from everything else on the market.  And it seems that Apple may force developers to be somewhat original, too, as an attack on cookie cutter apps is said to be taking place.

Jason Kincaid wrote yesterday, “Between the developers I spoke to, the consensus was this: Apple doesn’t appear to be opposed to ‘app generators’ and templates per se, but in the last month or so it has started cracking down on basic applications that are little more than RSS feeds or glorified business cards.  In short, Apple doesn’t want people using native applications for things that a basic web app could accomplish.”

So if any of your apps are looking a little basic or generic, consider spicing them up as a defensive measure.  Or at least try to come up with an idea or two you can implement if Apple gets crankier.

On the bright side, Apple apparently is communicating with developers on this subject, and not just banning things without notice.

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By Doug Caverly

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