Game Developers Focused On Mobile Apps

Twenty-five percent of game developers are now creating apps for the mobile platform an increase of 12 percent from last year, according to a new report from Game Developer Research.

Among these mobile developers, nearly three quarters of that group are focused on iPhone and iPod touch development, twice the reported support for traditional handhelds like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Just over 70 percent of developers said they were developing at least one game for PC or Mac (including browser and social games), rising slightly from last year, with 41 percent working in consoles. Within that latter group, Xbox 360 was the most popular system with 69 percent of console developers targeting it, followed by 61 percent for PlayStation 3.

While those figures stayed within a few percent of last year’s results, the change in Wii adoption was much more significant: reported developer support for the system dropped from 42 percent to 30 percent of console developers, suggesting a recent softening of the Wii market.

“Like any other medium of entertainment, video game development is subject to change with the ebb and flow of the economy and any hot new trends, and this year’s survey continues to reflect this evolution,” says Simon Carless, Global Brand Director, Think Services Game Group.

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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