Game Developer Salary Fell In 2009

The average game developer salary in the U.S. in 2009 was $75,573, a decline of more than 4 percent from 2008’s figure of $79,000, according to Game Developer Research.

After a record game industry average salary in 2008, this past year saw the first case on record of a significant average salary decrease, as consumer confidence suffered in the midst of a recession and employers looked to cut costs wherever possible. Despite that, this year did not dip below 2007’s figure, and 2009 still boasts the second-highest average salary ever.

With the changing face of the game development community, which includes a growing independent segment and the spread of new business models, for the first time, this year’s survey includes new special sections dedicated to accurately portraying today’s game developers.

“The Indie Report” consists of average reported income and development specializations of those who develop games alone, work with small independent teams, or work as individual contractors. More information on this part of the report will be released in the

By Mike Sachoff

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