Gabe Newell Talks With Students About Coding

When you hear the name Gabe Newell, what immediately comes to mind? For most of us, it’s probably Valve, Steam, Half-Life or some combination of the three. Not many would immediately equate Newell to coding as it’s easy to forget that he’s a programmer first and lord of Valve second. That’s why Google recently invited Newell to speak to computer science students as part of the Hour of Code – a campaign dedicated to getting students interesting in coding and computer science.

In the below Google Hangout, you’ll get to hear how Newell got into coding and how having knowledge in computer science greatly impacted his life. If you’re already a coder, you’ll want to check it out to get more insight into one of the most famous programmers of our time. For those who aspire to be coders, Newell might just inspire you to bust open that C++ or Visual Basic book and start studying.

Oh, and those of you wanting to hear about Half-Life 3, you’re not getting it here. You will still want to watch the video though. You might just learn something.


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By Zach Walton

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