Fun And Easy Text

In this tutorial you will learn how to turn boring text into fun unique text with ease.

Open a new file.

Type out whatever you want to write. I did the name “Madelyn”

Here are the font settings I used:

And this is what it looks like:

Ok, Next, Go to Layer > Type > Convert to shape.

After that, click your arrow, the one right above the pen tool:

Hold Shift and click each of your letters.

Now, go to your arrow options, and hit the far right one, to create your holes.

Now you can place your letters how you want, close together and up and down, put them angled if you like. Here is mine:

Now I added these effects:

Gradient Overlay:


Bevel and Emboss:

Drop Shadow:

And Stroke:

You should have:

Thats pretty much it! You can add a background color, or even more images too!

To create flower petals I just used the pen tool:

The of course added a color, and drop shadow, along with bevel, and outer glow.

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