Fully Utilize Google Analytics Reporting Power

You probably use Google Analytics on a regular basis, for basic stats tracking the performance of your website. Like most Google Analytics users, you probably don’t venture far from the comfort of the reports shown on the dashboard. That’s all the analytical information you need, you may be thinking … or is it?

Did you know that Google Analytics can generate up to 85 different reports that will help you analyze all possible data about your website traffic. Not only does it track visitors to your site or the number of page views, it can be used to see which content gets the most visits, time on site per visit, which ads are driving the most visitors to your site, it track the performances of your marketing campaigns.

In basic explanation of how GA works is that a javascript code snippet is embedded on each page of your website. The js code collects and tracks the visits. After a week or less you can check the progress by:

  • Sign in to Google Analytics.
  • From the Analytics Settings page, find the profile for which you would like to retrieve the tracking code. Please note that tracking code is profile-specific.
  • From that profile’s Settings column, click Edit.
  • At the top right of the Main Website Profile Information box, click Check Status.
  • Your tracking code can be copied and pasted from the text box in the Instructions for adding tracking section.

Once you’re logged in you can see the information about your traffic. There are many things to look at but, the main ones to look at is the “traffic sources.”  This isn’t the only thing but for this article, say you want to know how your visitor is finding you on the internet.  There are 3 traffic source that GA shows:

  1. Direct – visitor arrives directly
  2. Referral – visitor arrives from another site – usually this is from a link from a site – you will see a url or a text link poultry seasoning or Red Wine Glass
  3. Search Engines – visitor arrives via search engines for a search query like – restaurant consultants Chicago –  Kitchen Makeover

There are more to see, this is just one of the many features that Google Analytics offers, have fun.


By Jon Hines

Jon Hines is an SEO/SEM consultant that helps businesses become findable on the internet thru organic search, paid search, and social media since 04. Check out his site at Seattle SEO Services.

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