From Normal To Gothic

This tutorial will teach you how to transform a normal tutorial into a beautiful, gothic masterpiece. This tutorial focuses on all aspects of the picture including the background and the focal point of the picture. Here is the final result:

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a “Goth Manip” that’s not very hard but needs some know how. So lets begin.

First find your image I am using an image of Amy Smart. Find a picture that you think will look good gothic and dark.
Here is what I’m using.

First thing we will do is select the Dodge Tool.

Now click and drag your mouse all over her skin and just her skin until you are satisfied.
Make sure your Dodge settings are as followed.

After you are done a quick little “rub down” change the Range to Shadows.

And do the same as before.

Now change the Range again but this time go to Highlights and do it all over again.

Now it should look something like this.

It may look kind of bad right now but trust me it will begin to fix itself shortly.

Now select the Burn Tool.

Change the settings to.

Now lightly go over any of the darker areas on her skin.

Now change the size of the brush to 15% and we are now going to add some make up effects on her face.

Zoom up fairly close to her face and brush around her eyes making a mascara effect.

Make sure it’s even around her whole eye.

Now change the Range to Shadows and do it again.

And then once again change it to Highlights and go around each one once.

Should look similar to this.

Now here comes the part that could take awhile what you are going to do is duplicate the layer.

Then zoom on pretty close to her face. Then select the Polygonal Lasso Tool and change the settings to this.

Roughly but with some precision select around her face and her upper body as well.

Now right click inside of the face and click on Select Inverse and hit delete.

Now press and hold Shift+Ctrl+U.

This desautrates the layer making it gray now go back to viewing the picture normally again.

If done correctly it should look something like this.

Now it looks sort of zombieish so lets change that. We can do this by changing the layer settings to Lighten.

Now do the steps all over gain with the rest of her skin starting with step 9 to12.

When all is done it should look like this.

Now merge all of the layers.

Duplicate the layer now.

And get out the Polygonal Lasso Tool again and set the Feather to 3 Px.

Now select all of her hair then right click and click on Select Inverse.

Now desaturate the hair then go to.

Apply the following.



Now you can merge the layers.

Now lets add some effects before our last steps.

Duplicate the layer and add a Gaussian Blur.

Then desaturate the layer and set it to Multiply.

Now find some make up smear brushes. You can find them on DeviantArt.

After you have found some make a new layer and brush one on.

And when you are done it should look something like this.

And you are done.

Here is my final Result.

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