Four Innovative Open Source Ideas

The open source initiative and its supporting community provides new innovations and developments on an almost daily basis. Projects can be found at colleges and universities, small groups and individuals.

These open source projects are on the cutting-edge of finding new software products. While there are numerous projects that are innovative, here’s a look at four that can be considered at the top of the innovation and idea list.

1. Ubuntu Unity

Called Unity, this light version of Ubuntu is working with the ease-of-use of the smartphone user interface and combining it with the power of a Linux desktop operating system. With this new platform, users will no longer deal with drop-down menus, rather a simple button style task bar. This ensures a much more straightforward user experience.

But do not underestimate this operating system — it can run thousands of applications. These are the same applications that run on Linux and other similar systems. When Unity is used in conjunction with Ubuntu Light, users will experience lightening speeds for their web access experience.

2. KDE Social Desktop

We all know how popular social networking has become. It is an integral part of the online experience. KDE Social Desktop has taken it one step further by being a true part of the operating system. Because participation and involvement is such an important part of the open source community, KDE locates and connects with other local KDE users. It is such an important tool for participants within the Linux development arena. You can consider KDE as the social networking platform for the Open Source community.

3. Firefox

This web browser has become so popular that it is basically carrying the flag and waving it in support of the open source movement. It has features and benefits that are far better than most commercial browsers. Recent figures indicate that approximately 30 percent of Internet users are users of Firefox.

It is a cross-platform browser and has features such as spell check, live bookmarking, private browsing and more. As part of the Mozilla Corporation’s development initiative, Firefox is considered to be on the leading edge of not only browser development, but browser security as well.

4. Alchemy

This drawing and sketching program generally throws out all the kludgy Photoshop tools and unruly user interface. Alchemy features a lightweight, minimal user interface. The developers of Alchemy designed this program to provide a source of creativity in its initial phases.

Alchemy is not designed to create a finished image; rather it is to be used to allow users to explore ideas and concepts. And how cool is a tool that lets users draw by speaking or even shouting into a microphone? Photoshop can’t do that!


Users and supporters of open source software will surely see more and more innovative products on the horizon. If you haven’t discovered the benefits of open source software yet, take some time and do some exploring. You’ll probably come away with three or four or even more applications that can enhance your computing experience.


By Jen Williams

Jen Williams is a guest author for Pronet Advertising.

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