Forrester Gives New Year’s Advice To App Developers

Forrester Research is a big, important company – it’s been around for about 26 years and has over 1,000 employees.  Developers may want to pay attention, then, as Forrester has outlined ways in which individuals should respond to changes in application development this year.

Suggestion number one is to “embrace [the] cloud as an early-stage platform.”  Cloud computing’s only likely to get more and more popular as time goes by, after all.

Suggestion number two is to “follow in the footsteps of the Web giants and Web startups.”  Their deeper pockets and (possibly) brighter minds should set them on the best paths.

Next is the idea to “favor flexibility and cost over platform loyalty,” because people and companies certainly learned the importance of saving money in 2009.  Developers should “become passionate about user experience,” too, to help set them apart from the crowd.

Finally, Forrester thinks developers should consider doing something about the “brighter minds” issue mentioned earlier, as it recommended, “[U]pgrade the talent on application development teams.”

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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