Fixing Firebug To Edit CSS Within Firefox

I use Firebug constantly to easily edit a website’s CSS so I can fine tune a design or make adjustments, so when it stopped working, so did I. Everytime I would try to live-edit a site’s CSS it would give me “Failed to load source for: <whatever css=”” file=””>“. I tweeted about it a bit and got a few suggestions, but none of them fixed my problem. So, I decided I would Google it and through extensive searching and endless reading the best suggestion I could find was to uninstall Firefox, delete my preferences and basically start over. Which sounded like a horrible idea, so I made do with Firebug not working for awhile.

Like many other web designers and web developer I frequently disable cache so I’m sure my updates on a website are showing and don’t have to command+shift refresh to make sure my changes did or did not work correctly. It probably took a few days but that was when I had the epiphany of how Firebug probably pulled the CSS, rather than downloading the CSS each time it probably pulled from the most recently cached version.

Therefore, with the web developers disable cache function it was effectively disabling my ability to pull and edit the CSS live. Turning off that feature fixed my problem with Firebug and made me wonder how many others had following the other advice I had found and gone to the trouble of uninstalling their Firefox and starting over.

Anyway, posting this to hopefully save someone else the trouble. I missed my Firebug.


By Dustin Brewer

Dustin Brewer is a web designer located in Oklahoma City, OK specializing in aesthetics in design, web standards, accessibility and usability. He also enjoys helping others to discover CSS and web design best practices through his web site, dustin brewer, a web design news site.

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