Firefox for Android Progressing

Mozilla announced earlier this week that Firefox for Mobile was available for the Nokia N900 handset. Now Firefox developer Vladimir Vuki?evi? is saying that Firefox for Android is coming along, and had even posted a screenshot.

“It’s been a while since I posted a progress update (or really any blog post, ahem), but porting Firefox/Fennec to Android is progressing at a good clip,” says Vuki?evi?. “After working out a few kinks (and setting the all-important “you’re allowed to touch the network” permission), I just got our first page load.

“Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be hard to hook up,” Vuki?evi? adds.

Mozilla has a while to go before there will be an alpha release for the product, but it’s certainly getting closer.

(Via RRW)

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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