Firefox 4 Beta 7 Aims To Please Developers

Firefox has long been a sort of fan favorite in the developer community, and it’s been a bit sad to see the browser losing market share to Chrome and threatened by Internet Explorer 9.  Fortunately, Firefox 4 Beta 7 has arrived, and aside from being fast, there are several details that should have special appeal for developers.

In a post on the Mozilla Blog announcing the beta’s release, Jay Sullivan explained, “[T]he Add-ons APIs for Firefox 4 are now stable, so if you are an add-on developer, now is the time to update your Firefox 3.6-compatible Add-ons to support Firefox 4.”

Otherwise, Sullivan noted, “Firefox 4 Beta enables developers to render 3D graphics using WebGL.”  And “[w]ith support for OpenType font features in Firefox 4 Beta, designers and developers can create sophisticated effects by controlling ligatures, kerning, alternative glyphs, small caps and more.”

So be sure to take advantage of these features if you’re a Firefox fan and don’t mind using a product that’s still in beta.

Be sure to enjoy the immediacy of Firefox 4 Beta 7, too, because although we glossed over this earlier, the latest Computerworld tests indicate that only the alpha version of Opera 11 has an edge on it in terms of speed.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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